Sunday, April 26, 2020

Happy Birthday, Brinley!!!

Finley, here...Long time no bark... really, really long time, bol! Brinley turns 4 today, so I'm turnin' da talkin' ovfur to her, since it are her day....

Howdy, evfurryone, it's me, Brinley!

Another couple of days, anudder birthday 'round here and it are MY day, I's four!! It seems like just yesterday dat my momma and Kinley's momma flew to Ohio and brought da two of us back here to Texas. Time flies when ya is havin' fun, and I always has fun wiff my BFF, Kinley and Finley (well, she's learned to tolerate me... I think she evfun likes me a little),

Da day started off wiff cheesy scrambly eggs & bacon fur breakfast! It were yummy!!

Den we gots to go hang out in da backyard fur hours and hours... it were a real pretty day, in da 70s and breezy... we gots to run 'round and do varmint patrol, inspect my Momma's flower garden and bark Kinley's momma while she did laps... whut's wiff da hoomans dat dey gits in da water on purpose and wiffout anyone makin' em  do it???

Next we did a birfday walk and zombie patrol of da nayborhood... only saw a few zombies (Momma sez dey is naybors, I sez dey look like zombies to me.... she had to give me dat one, some of dese folks is walking 'round wiff blank stares on der faces like a zombie, maybe dey's quarantine zombies).

Here I is in my front yard-- scannin' fur zombiez....

Duz bunnies count as zombies?? Come here, lil bunny, it's my birthday....

Dere  wuz sum good sniffs goin' on...

Me and my bestie...

You can  look fur zombies ovfur dere, I'll look dis way....

Nope, nun ovfur dere...

Dat guy looks kinda like a zombie, Momma....

Here I goes, self-stackin' agin... Momma sez she can tells I gots show dogs in my tail is always straight up in da air...

Lord luv a terrier... with their cute little derriere...

Dere I goes agin, self-stackin... look at my straight lil tail!

Nuthin's better dan spendin' time wiff yer bestest best furiend! We duzn't beleaf in social distancin'... nope, not us....

When we gots back home I opened my pressies... I gots 4 new dresses & 2 plushie toys!! Jackpot!! I gots enuf new looks fur more dan a week cuz all da dresses is reversible.

Momma made me da sun & moon dress...

And da sweet shop & spacemen & martians one, too....

Kinley's momma, Kimberley made me an Elvis dress...

Thank ya, thank ya very much!!

And she made me da April Showers (above) bring May flowers (below) one, too!!!

And da kitties got sum new bandanners, too, to match sum of da dresses...

After all dat presrent openin', I needed a nap to be ready fur dinner... which wuz steak!!

Next up is dinner... steak!!! Yummo!!

And dessert-- a cuppycake!!!

All in all, it were a very gud birthday!!!

Bark ya later, gators!! ~~ Brinley

Gud job, Brinley....Havin' dese young uns 'round duz have its benefits... on dere birthdays, mostly!!  

Bark ya later, gators!! ~~ Finley


  1. Happy birthday Brinley! Glad we got some of your birthday bacon and steak!

  2. Happy Birthday Brinley!
    So many new clothes and all that nommilicious food. You are one lucky pup.
    I too cannot understand why a human would want to immerse themselves in water when they don't have to, but Gail is very envious of Kinley's momma, as here in Aberdeen all the swimming pools are closed and we don't have one in our back yard.
    Toodle pip!

    1. All da public pools are closed, here, too. Which put a wrench into Ally's rehab of her knee since swimmin' were helpin' it a lot.... the hoomans is glad it's finally warmed up enuff to git in da backyard pool... I's glad dey don't make me git in, too!

  3. Woooo hooo...that was some celebration! Happy Birthday Brinley!!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BURTHDAY BRINLEY!!! OMD, lookie at all the tasty foodables you gots! I am sooooo jealous! And those pressies and dresses are most FABulous my furiend!
    Lookin' good on zombie patrol ~ and you saw a bunny??!!! Wowsa! You ARE havin' a good barkday!!!
    Ruby ♥

  5. Happy Birthday Brinley! You sure had a great celebration.

  6. Oh, I loves yours sun and moon dress! Sounds like you had a pretty pawesome barkday. Happy happy barkday!!!

  7. Oopsie! Somehjow we missed this post...sorry about that Brinley! And a very Belated Happy Birthday to YOU!

    We can see you had a furbulous day with your BFF and Finley too.

    Have a good healthy year till you get to be five!!...and many more, too:)


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