Thursday, May 23, 2019

It's my 13th!!!

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me... it are my 13th birthday today! A day to celebrates da mahvelousness of me, Finley!

Momma ackshually started my day wiff a baff! Dat's right, waterboardin' on my birthday! Whut da woof?? I dinn't really mind all dat much, cuz baff's help me not be itchy.

Den it was time to wear da birthday cake hat...

I played along and smiled fur da camera(s)... if ya cooperates wiff da pupperazi, ya gits breakfast quicker-- I've learned dat ovfur da last 13 years...

Fur breakfast, I got some scramblie eggy weggies wiff bacon & cheese... YUM!

You can bet I woofed dat down quick!

I had a relaxin' birthday... lotsa nappin' after dat big breakfast, and lotsa hugs and attenshun from da people 'round here.

Fur my dinner, Momma grilled us a NY strip steak... oh my dog, it were delish! She cut it up into small pieces before lettin' us have any since some pup (not yours truly) woofed down too big a piece last time and it came back up! 

After dat, we went to open up my presents... I got 13 presents (plus anudder new hot pink onesie to wear today)-- 4 toys, a box of cookies, 3 jackets, 3 onesies, and 2 new tshirts-- da Mommas wuz sewin' up a storm fur me yesterday!

I ripped into da presents like I always duz... I is a very efficient present-opener! I's still tryin' to teach Brinley & Kinley how to open up presents, but I thinks it's a lost cause... I'm a blur when I rips 'em open, I moves so fast. Dey usually takes movies of me cuz dat's da onliest way I stays in focus, bol!


I gots some frenchie fires, an octopus, a slice of pizza, and a birthday dog as toys...

Next, we had some cake. My momma made me a citrus cake fur me cuz I loves citrus-- speshully tangerines! 

I tried to sneak a taste...

Den dey cut it up and gave me some!!


All in all, I had me a great birfday... ya duzn't become a teenager evfurry day so it's important to celebrate big!

Special thanks to Pipo, Dalton, and Benji fur da card der Secremetary made fur me-- so thoughtful of y'all....

Bark ya later, gators!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

For Our Crockett

Today woulda been Crockett's 5th Gotcha Day. It are kinda a sad day 'round here cuz he ain't here to celebrate it.... and he should be. Life are so unfair sumtimes it hurts. We is all doin' as gud as we can wiffout our lil ray of sunshine. He were just the sweetest lil feller.

Momma knew dat dis day wud hit her hard so she got together wiff Travis' & Kinley's momma to set up a blog hop to honor our little Razzberry Kitten, Crockett, by wearing orange. All of us wore orange today... my Momma,  Kinley's & Travis' Momma, Angelique's Momma,  my Dad and all us critters.

And wow, to see all da folks and critter pawticipatin' in dis memorial to our lil buddy makes me feel a  lil bit better... which is all a pup or person could ask for at such a sad time.... to know dat he touched so many lives and gave so many people a reazun to smile duz dis ole pup's heart gud. Thanks to all who have joined in da Blog Hop, worn orange, and sent and left nice messages for us all. We sure duz appreciamatates it.

Momma wouldn't let me put up her foto... says dat 5 days of crying don't do nuthin' fur a 60 year old dat anyone would want to see.

So you'll have to just make do wiff pics of me and Brinley, courtesy of Travis' & Kinley's momma... I know ya all is all tore up about dat, snort, chuckle, chuckle....

I's almost 13 years old (yep, my birthday is coming up on Wednesday) and I tells ya, dis saying good-bye stuff to yer buddy don't get no easier wiff time. I's lost too many furiends.... Hank, Charlie, Jezabel, Maurice, and Whitley.... 

And now, totally unexpectedly, Momma's lil ray of sunshine, Crockett aka Crockett da Rocket, Crockett Man, da Razzberry Kitten,  and Crockie. I knows y'all is surprised I ain't her ray of sunshine, but I is a terrier, ya know.... not all of us can be set to Happy all da time like Kinley is.  I swears, sumtimes I think her switch is stuck on just dat one setting... she can git told "bad pup" and she just smiles about it. 

Crockett did seem to glow when he wuz in da sunbeams... kinda like he was corralling all da warmth and glowiness of da sun so he could spread it evfurrywhere and cheer ya up... he wuz like dat. Momma sez he wuz a ticked tabby-- solid color on da body, not stripey, and it made him glow.

So I's posting photos of him in da sunlight, so's ya can see whut I mean... an Ode to my Momma's Sunshine Kitten....

Thanks to evfurryone fur all da luv ya has shown us...  and our lil orange guy.

Bark ya later, gators...

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Remembering Crockett

Hi, pals... I's been charged with a sad but important task... writin' a memorial to my lil brofur, Crockett, who died on Monday in a tragic accident. We aren't sure whut happened, we came home from our walk and the heavy ladder wuz on top of my lil buddy and he wuz gone. I's nevfur heard my Momma sob like dat... Crockett wuz known to all fur his razzberries, but he wuz known to my momma, Donna, as her lil shadow. He luved her lots, followed her evfurrywhere. She keeps catchin' herself lookin' fur him and the tears come agin... she's cried so much the past few days her face is raw. She blames herself, even if folks tell her not to, because she brought the ladder in and feels she shoulda left it on the floor-- she moved it so no one would trip on it. She never thought it could be knocked over by a lil kitty because it wuz so heavy and sturdy... but it did.  Kinley's & Travis' momma, Kimberley is super sad, too, so is Angelique's momma, Allison, and my dad. Evfurryone luved Crockett. Angelique and Kinley is tryin' to comfort evfurryone with extra luvin, us pups is kinda off our feed, but we's most worried about Travis. He ain't eatin' gud, he's sad and seems traumatized... we think he saw his bff die.
Although he wuz known mostly fur his razzberry photos, my Momma luved dat non-razzberry pics best-- she thought he wuz da cutest kitty evfur. He trailed around after my Momma like a puppy dog (well, sum puppy dogs, not me and Brinley. Like Kinley trails after Kim) and open the garage door if she went out dere to hang up clothes, stick his head out da door as if to say "Whutcha doin' Momma?" Travis taught him to do biskits recently and so everyfurry night Crockett would climb on her lap, biskit da throw on her lap and settle in fur some skritches and lovin'. He would visit her in da middle of da night, wiggle his head under her hand fur pettin' and fall asleep wiff his paws wrapped around her arm some nights. She misses him something awful. She's had a coupla rough years and Crockett helped her to get through them wiff his luv and affeckshun... some people don't knows dat about kitties.... but dey is as wunnerful and luvin' as us pups, leastwasys ours are.
I remember when he furst came home... he wuz so tiny. We'd nevfur had such a tiny guy, only 8 weeks old. He liked us pups, slept wiff us sumtimes and played wiff Kinley. He wuz my Momma's ray of sunshine and it's real dark here wiffout him.
I'm gonna end dis post wiff a buncha my Momma's favorite photos of da Rocket Man-- Momma called him Crockett da Rocket sumtimes. Don't be sads lookin' at dem, he didn't like it when people wuz sads, he would put his lil paw up on der cheek real gentle as if to say, be happy, I luvs ya.

This Saturday, May 18, woulda been Crockett's 5th Gotcha Day. But our sweet lil guy never got to see it. So we're asking all our pals to wear Crockett's signature color - ORANGE on May 18. We've got a blog hop set up, so you can enter your posts so we can all celebrate Crockett's life together. And we know some of our pals and their humans are going to the CWA conference this weekend, so the blog hop will be open for 2 weeks - feel free to enter a post when you can. And please take our badge and share it wherever you can. Thank you.

Bark ya later, gators.... hopefully, when we's feelin' not so lost....